Office & Home Window Tinting

Wicked window tinting Sydney specialises in commercial window tinting, residential window tinting. Home window tinting or office window tinting can reduce heat in summer, can protect expensive furniture, carpets, or floorboards from the harmful UV rays which cause cracking, fading, and loss of colour. Window tint can be very effective on reducing annoying glare on flat screen tv’s and computer monitors.

Home Window Tinting Film Installation Will Save You Money

Homes of any size will save money by maintaining a consistent balanced climate. Businesses will see an immediate return on window investment when window films are installed by lowering the energy costs every month.

Comfortable Environment

Any sunlit environment is subject to problems like hotspots, glare, heat and fluctuating temperature. We know that it is important to keep employees, clients, guests and shoppers comfortable. Window tint films screen out significant amounts of uv rays, heat and glare, in addition to softening the light, balancing the temperature and maintaining a comfortable environment all year-round. For the most heat protection, check out one of the dual-reflective window films for homes.

Interior Protection

Protect the valuable contents of your home with window tinting films. Interior space can experience damaging and harmful effects of solar heat and uv rays from the sun, such as fading of furniture, carpet, and draperies. Window films can reject up to 99% of destructive uv light and solar heat, so it protects your investments so they last longer turning saved dollars into profits.

Safety with Security Window Tinting Films

The glass and windows may be the one of the most vulnerable parts or your home. Safety should always be top priority, and home window films are available in a thick, security window film versions, which helps hold window glass in place if shattered. This feature can reduce the chances of burglary, property damage and even personal injury.

Beautification with Window Tinting Film

There are numerous window films available to enhance the look of your home. Films can have patterns, reflective surfaces on one side, or even offer complete privacy through opaque or frosted films for bathrooms.

Commercial & Residential Window Tinting

Wicked home and office window tinting Sydney only use the highest of quality window tint available for commercial and residential window tinting professional installers. We use and recommend American Standard Window Films, we also have access to Suntek, 3m, Llumar, and Johnsons.


Wicked window tint can quote, manage, and complete any commercial window tinting and residential window tinting job no matter how big or small without any fuss or headaches. Home window tinting is designed to last your lifetime in that home, that’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on all window tints.


Residential window tinting is a great way to reduce your heating and cooling costs, and it is estimated that window tinting your windows will pay them self off in savings within the first year of the windows being tinted.


Commercial & Residential window tinting Baulkham Hills is now servicing the Baulkham Hills and surrounding areas.


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Wicked residential window tinting Sydney will soon have mobile solar energy and UV meter to show you the heat rejection and UV rejection by all our films.