Ceramic Window Tinting Sydney

Ceramic Window Tinting Sydney is considered to be the best window tint. There is two different types of Ceramic Car Window Tinting, Titanium Nitrate and Nano-ceramic.

Types Of Ceramic Window Tinting Sydney

Titanium Nitrate (TiN) is considered a True Ceramic Window Tint. The way this Ceramic tint is made is a sputtering process, similar to a metal sputtered film except during the process they use a nitrate gas which gives higher heat & IR Rejection. Generally a TiN ceramic window tint would block around 70% of IR Radiation. These TiN films are often a odd color and slightly shiney to look at.

Nano-Ceramic is the latest technology. Nano-Ceramic car window tinting is constructed in layers. Usually consists of a clear nano-particle layer with high IR Rejection and a colour stable carbon film. These nano-ceramic films have superior heat rejection and are a sleek black looking film. The advantage of nano-ceramic coated films is the massive amounts of IR Radiation. The latest films can block up to 96% IR. The advantages of this much IR rejection is a cooler car, lower air-con running costs, more comfortable driving experience.

Ceramic Window Tinting Benefits

  • Superiour Heat Rejection
  • Highest Infared (IR) Heat Rejection
  • 99% UV Rejection
  • Signal Friendly
  • Sleek Looking Tint
  • Lifetime Warranty

Why Choose Wicked Tint for Ceramic Window Tinting

  • Dedicated Window Tinting Experts
  • We only use Premium products with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Payment Options – Cash, Bank Transfere & Eftpos
  • Prestige car window tint specialists


Don’t settle for second best when purchasing ceramic window tinting products. Ceramic window films are considered the best. We can offer you a live heat demonstration where you can feel the difference!