Commercial Window Tinting

Our commercial window tinting team have the best and latest experience in commercial window tinting, we use the best office window tinting films that are made in the USA and are backed by a 15 year commercial warranty. If you have a commercial premises and want the highest quality commercial tinting in Sydney then Wicked Tint is the team to call.

Office window tinting will instantly help control heating and cooling costs within your office. Window tinting will not only reduce heat but will help with glare on computer screens. Commercial window tinting will make the workplace more comfortable & more productive.

Wicked office window tinting Sydney only use the highest of quality window tint available for commercial professional installers. Our window tinting films are designed to reduce heat, cut glare, and improve comfort inside the office. We use and recommend Johnson Window Films, we also have access to Suntek, 3m, Llumar, and Ultragard.

Wicked window tint can quote, manage, and complete any commercial window tinting job no matter how big or small without any fuss or headaches. Home window tinting is designed to last your lifetime in that home, that’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on all window tints.

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