Dyed Window Tint

This type of car window tinting relies on the absorbing properties of the dye to keep your car cool. Because it does not contain any metal it gives your automobile the blackest look and does not have any “sheen” to it. This film rejects the least amount of heat and is mainly used for its appearance. It does reduce glare, and reduces fading to interior upholstery. Dyed car window tint is not used anymore due to the poor lifespan of the film.


Metalized Window Tint

This car window tinting sydney is a good product for customers that desire crisp appearance, heat reduction, glare reduction, fade protection, and UV protection.  Metalized window tints are either all metal or have a single layer of ceramics.  Metalized window tinting is very good at reducing heat and reflecting UV rays. However, they are very shiny and can cause interference with radio, GPS, TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) sensors, and cell phones. Its shade and color are mainly determined by the type of metal used to make it. Metalized window film’s purpose is to reflect. These are rarely used anymore after the introduction of the TPMS & GPS systems.


Hybrid Window Tint

Hybrid films use a combination of a dyed layer as well as a metalized layer. Using Hybrid window tint in sydney offers the best of both worlds. A metal layer is used for its reflective qualities and a dyed layer is used for its absorptive qualities. Because not a lot of metal is used by some manufacturers, these are the best bang for the buck as they don’t block any of the signals the 100% metalized films do. Hybrid car window tinting is a long lasting film.


Ceramic Window Tint

The fourth and final type of car window tinting is ceramic. Absorbing twice as much heat as dyed or hybrid films, it is considered to be the most technologically advanced type of car window tint. It is capable of high heat absorption at relatively light shades. It is definitely the ultimate in heat reduction; however, the cost is almost twice that of Hybrid films. This film is optimal for customers desiring a highly durable material, with excellent clarity, and providing superior heat reduction versus other film choices. Ceramic window tinting sydney is for those who demand the best product for their car with superior heat rejection.

We have a infrared heat display where you can come in for a free demonstration to feel the difference between different window films – window tint is not just window tint. Before you buy let us show you what our films can do.