Safety & Security Window Tinting

Safety Protective films are highly effective anywhere glass breakage poses a threat – homes, commercial buildings, retail stores, government buildings and even cars. These thick films are designed to provide a “safety net” from dangerous broken glass and flying shards by bonding to the glass and holding it in place if it breaks. Security films are available in a variety of thickness constructions depending on the level of protection needed. Choose between undetectable clear films or several shaded solar control options if added sun protection is desired.

Anti-Graffiti Window Tinting

Anti-Graffiti Film provides a durable invisible barrier that protects glass, metal and other non-porous surfaces from damages caused by graffiti and etching. After it has been installed, a special mounting adhesive allows the film to be peeled off—taking with it any painted or etched graffiti. Anti-Graffiti Films can be used on public transport windows to help reduce costs of glass damage. They can also be used in public bathrooms on the mirrors to prevent scratching in the glass. These anti-graffiti films are commonly in large shopping center bathrooms. They are virtually invisible to the naked eye.

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